Modular-Based Learning

Modular-Based Learning

Construct your learning like building LEGO blocks, where you pick up and build your unique set of competencies brick by brick.

Outcome-Based Learning

OBEM: Outcome-Based Education Module
Emphasizes on ensuring learners' abilities and skills. This, as a result, encourages flexibility in learning development, in which learning designers and developers can adjust their curriculum according to new career trends, for Thais to be able to improve their existing skills, as well as develop new ones that are essential for their sustainable professional and personal growth.

Emphasizing Competency

Successful learning can be best measured through "learners' competency", hence the emphasis on "learning outcomes", as we believe that everyone is different and learning is not a competition.

Ensuring Outcomes

Effective learning brings about continuous assessment and development. We prioritize evidence that demonstrates "competency" in order to accurately measure your abilities and skills based on our criteria.

Learning by Doing

We believe that learning by doing leads to true understanding. With Micro-Credentials, you will get hands-on experience through practical applications of real-world problems and case studies, with support from advisors who will help you along the way.

Learn and Earn

We are determined to create a learning platform for higher education that is accessible and beneficial for everyone. No matter how challenging your dream may seem, we are here to help you fulfil it. With this, we have developed a system that verifies specific competency, as well as a modular-based learning system that are flexible, customizable, and possible (Earn and Learn).
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Construct your learning like building a LEGO block. Outcome-based and flexible, LEARN brings about improvement in abilities and skills that are unique and crucial for your career goals.

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