Why 4LifelongLearning?

Micro-Credentials are NOT just about when or how long it takes you to finish a course.

Micro-Credentials does NOT offer certificates just to prove your attendance.

Micro-Credentials does NOT offer just theoretical knowledge.

Micro-Credentials does NOT limit the way of learning.

Get to Know Micro-Credentials Through 4LifelongLearning

Earn | Micro-Credentials - MC

Earn is a system that "verifies" your specific competency using evidence or samples of your work and your work experiences.

It is ideal for "Self-Learners", or those who are able to learn by themselves outside a classroom environment, who wish to evaluate their Competency. When you pass our Evaluation Criteria, you will earn your "Digital Badge".

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Learn | Credentialing Learning

Learn is a system—designed by experts—that "enhances" your competency, in order to ensure that you "can" do it by upskill or reskill yourself.

This is ideal for those who feel like they aren't ready to verify their competency via "Earn", and want to enhance said specific competency first. When you pass our Evaluation Criteria, you will earn your "Learning Outcome Certificate".

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Learning Takes Place Not Only in Classrooms.

Micro-Credentials is a "digital certificate" which verifies one's specific competency based on their work samples or real-time demonstration. As we believe that learning takes place not only in classrooms, but our program was also developed accordingly, based on ability development. Thus, earners can evaluate their competency and explore their potential through "Learning by Doing".