A truly competency-based platform, stackable, customisable, verifiable using real work samples and intentionally co-designed by education and industry experts to guarantee career specific, job-ready competencies.

Bite-sized, In Demand Skills

• Convenient Learning
• Learning by break down our skill into a small  competency
• Easily captured learning  in a matter of hours

Learning by Doing

• Encourage you to learn by doing
• Learn at your own paced
• Using competency skills for engaging the real world

Explicit Feedback from Expert.

• Practical and realistic feedback of Learning
• Improve competency skills with explicit guidance
• Comments for Learning by our experts

Real World Application and Values

• Bring your competency skill for applicable in real career contexts
• Evidence-based competency assessment using real work samples
• Digital Badges, valid and recognizable evidence


What We Offer?

Recommended Micro-Credentials

Product mindset

Practice Product Mindset skills with MC. To the Start-up working that changes all the time for creating new products to customer needs. Making business growth.

Building Risk Assessment to Navigate Organizational Opportunity

Learning by doing with MC about quality and quantity risk management because risk assessment is important to increase your opportunities for business growth.

Process Abnormality Detection with Value Stream Mapping

Essential for a logistic field. Technique for delivery process analysis with less cost but higher value. If you’re interested, Click!

Constructive Alignment Principle Application for Learning Units

Strengthen educational design skill for a greater quality through MC. Design a modern learning unit, serve learners’ needs, encourage more skilled individuals

Giving an English Presentation in Tech-Related Contexts

Want to do a presentation in English like a professional in your tech career, join us by applying for the Micro-credential. Make your English presentation skills more fluent than before.

Using Formative Assessment Strategies to Facilitate Student Learning

One of the important skills for educators is learning assessment. If you want to upskill in learning assessment, join this Micro-credential.

Data Wrangling

Data careers should not miss this MC about Data Wrangling that levels up your skill for data storing.

C Programming for Graphics and Games Programmers

If you want to be a game programmer, begin your pathway with this MC! Up your level by practicing and developing skills of C programming for gaming and graphics.

Dynamic Web-Page for Data Display and Control with Industrial Application

Get ready to become a versatile Webmaster. Join us to develop skills with 4LifelongLearning through MC about building websites with Javascript.

Developing a Geometric Transformation Math Library

People who love animation and creating CG images should not miss this MC. Develop the geometric transformation skills to become an excellent animator.

Process Development for Sterilizing Filters

Prepare for a career in pharmaceuticals! Conduct a better experiment performance with MC sterilizing filter and optimization.

Why people love us?

I'm currently working about creating website for my final thesis project which I extended from requirement of MC I had applied. It was developed from web Mock up from MC submission.
Fuart Madnurak
Senior at the Faculty of Engineering
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
I'll recommend MC to my friends since I believe they seek something to ensure their competency. If the company recognizes our MC badge, they may employ us for a relevant position.
Saranphat Weangsima
Senior at the Faculty of Engineering
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
I want to share the badge since it links to my evidence, it can demonstrate that I can perform the task.
Nuttakorn Traiyawong
Senior at the Faculty of Engineering
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
If I apply for a job in this field in the future, I will attach it (Digital Badge) as a portfolio.
Sahaphop Janthong
Senior at the Faculty of Engineering
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi

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