Earn Micro-Credentials

Prove Your Competency

"Earn" is a function that verifies your specific competency. Earners can demonstrate their abilities and experiences by submitting their real-work samples and getting certified by Micro-Credentials.

Prove Your Competency and Get Certified with Micro-Credentials

Micro-Credentials is a competency-based assessment which helps to prove one's competency based on their real-work samples and experiences.

Assess Your Specific Competency

With competency-based assessments, earners can efficiently and clearly demonstrate their abilities and prove their competency.

Prove Your Competency

Digital Badges are verifiable and secure credentials using blockchain technology that demonstrate your abilities to maximize your credibility and opportunities.

Emphasize on Job-related Skills

With feedback on real-work samples that demonstrate skills, experiences, and accomplishments, together with recommendations from experts, earners can unleash their potential and improve themselves at their own pace.

Steps to Prove Your Competency

1. Select a Competency

Earners select a competency of choice, demonstrate their abilities, and get certified with Digital Badges or Digital Certification.

2. Submit Work Samples

Earners submit work samples or evidence for review and assessment from experts.

3. Evaluate

Experts assess and evaluate earners' submission based on the Evaluation Criteria. If the earners do not receive "Passing" evaluations, they can resubmit or submit additional evidence for re-evaluation.

4. Earn and Share

Upon earning their Digital Badges, earners can share their Badges via social media platforms as proof of competency.


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Verify Competency with Work Samples

Earn Micro-Credentials - MC

Enhance and verify your specific competency by demonstrating your experiences and submitting work samples.

Once earners receive evaluation from MC Assessors, based on the Evaluation Criteria, they will earn their Digital Badges which is their proof of competency.

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