Continuous learning is a valuable tool in every path of life. Many people are not aware of their competency or what they are capable of doing. Don’t you want to become a part of improving someone’s life by helping them unleash their potentials?

We believe that meaningful learning does not have to be big and complex; scaling down the learning design could be the answer! Let’s tackle the real-world problems, bring out your industry expertise, and help the world better. Join us and experience the incredible power of competency-based Micro-Credential today.


The overall view of how to design a Micro-credential

1. Register

2. Design

3. Submit

5. Evidence

6. Improve

The overall view of how to design a Micro-credential



In this step, you will be asked to provide the details of your MC.


Prior to proposal submission, please follow these steps:

  • make sure you have completed all checklists provided in the forms
  • suggest possible reviewers who are expertise in the MC's topic area for the evidence review

KMUTT MC approval process (coming soon)


In this step, please identify the potential pilot earners.
Collect course feedback from pilot earners for further improvement.

Evidence Review

This step applies when your MC gets published and earners submit evidence.

  • Assess earners' evidence
  • Provide results and feedback to earners

Improve continuously

  • Collaborate with us on creating course evaluation forms.
  • Improve and adjust your MC.