Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) I am interested, but I’m not sure if my idea could be developed to a Micro-credential.

A Micro-credential should be single competency development which is small enough to provide design flexibility but big enough to add value to the industry (can be viewed as part of stack or nano-degree).

If you are not sure if your idea or your topic could be developed to a Micro-credential, please read the information sheet, here or look at some examples provided, here.

2) What supports do I have as a designer?

We will always make sure that you receive sufficient support in order to design a Micro-credential. Our supports are as follows:

Strategic planning with MC designer team (on-site or virtual)
We provide support to help you gain a deeper understanding and structured planning of Micro-credentials.

Ongoing support (virtual)
We also provide ongoing support through email and phone or simply click the (?) button on the bottom right corner of the page.

3) What should I do if I do not understand the forms or sheets which I need to complete?

We understand that some terms could be difficult to understand. First, we suggest that you familiarise yourself with the terms and definitions in MC library. If you do not understand the questions on the forms or sheets, feel free to contact our support via email.

4) How much time do I get to design an MC?

Since we understand you may have busy schedules, we are very flexible! During the registration step, take much time as you need. However, please be informed that the faster you register with us, the quicker your MC gets published. 

After you have registered and submitted all the required documents, we will contact you within one week. We will provide feedback and suggestions regarding your submitted elements. There will be some follow-up and support contacts from our team.

For more detailed information and process, please follow KMUTT Approval Process (coming soon).

5) How many steps are there for creating an MC?

There are Three main steps:
1. Get to know MC
2. Set goals and competency-based learning outcomes
3. Design evidence, assessment criteria, and learning units
You can read more information about these 3 steps, please follow the link here.

6) When will I be contacted from the support?

Once you have registered or submit any forms on our sites, you will receive an acknowledgement email, including brief information about continuing on the next steps.

7) When do I need to contact the support?

You should contact the support when:
- you have NOT received any emails within 7 days after registering your profile
- there is an error on the sites which obstructs you from continuing the forms or submitting any information

8) Is it possible if I want to change some information about my MC after submitting the forms?

After you submit any forms, all the information will be automatically collected in our database. It requires a number of steps to edit the submitted information; therefore, please take your time to review your forms before submitting.

Nonetheless, we understand mistakes happen. In case you need to change any information, please contact the support team.

9) How do I know whether my evidence assessment criteria is good enough for publishing?

Designing criteria for the evidence assessment could be complex and confusing; thus, we prepare the information sheets and examples for you, here. Please read the information carefully. Once you have followed the checklist, you’re good to go!

If you still have further questions, feel free to contact our support.

10) What should I do next if my MC is NOT approved by the committee?

If your MC is not approved yet, it is totally common and possible. Since we really want to make sure everything is good and aligned with our visions and goals, it is important that we examine small details. Getting paused or being required to make adjustments could imply that your MC is very closed to publishing. Stay tuned! Follow the suggestions or any feedback from the committee and give it another try!

11) What should I do next if my MC is APPROVED by the committee?

Then, CONGRATULATIONS! Your MC will be published.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.